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  • MONOGRAM AAC Encoder

    A filter is released under GNU LGPL and is based on libfaac Library which is also LGPL. Features: - Support for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AAC - Support for
  • MONOGRAM AAC Decoder

    This filter is based on the widely used libFAAD2 Library and should be able to decode most of AAC streams. Features: - Support for Raw, ADTS, LATM
  • MONOGRAM AMR Splitter

    I???ve noticed on the Codec Guide discussion board that some people were missing an AMR parser filter so I???ve decided to write one. It follows the
  • MONOGRAM AMR Encoder

    As the post title says my today???s filter is a free implementation of AMR DirectShow filter. It is based on the source code provided by 3GPP.org
  • MONOGRAM GraphStudio Beta

    GraphStudio should be free and available as opensource under the GNU GPL license. The main reasons for this project were lot of cool features missing
  • Shape X 2.0

    Intense 3D objects bounce around your screen as they blast your senses with color effects. Options for this screen saver include: many different
  • Shape Art 1.00.7

    Shape Art, the fun and easy way for your children to create fantastic artwork, mosaics and animations! Shape Art is an adaptation of a very old
  • Shape Fix

    The Shape Fix program fixes some of the most common problems with S files that can cause crashes when starting or running MSTS. To use the Shave Fix,
  • 3DVIA Shape 2.0

    3DVIA Shape is a free online 3D modeling application that allows anyone to easily create, publish and share their ideas in 3D. Based on some of the
  • Shape Collage 2.0

    Shape Collage is a free automatic photo collage maker that lets you create picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Shape Shifter 1.1

    Shape Shifter is the best logic game ever made, fast and unique. Play with up to 4 shapes in the same arena. This redefines the way you play this
  • Shape Name Utility 1.0

    Freeware add-in tool for Microsoft MapPoint. Allows a user to view a shape's name and modify it if necessary. Also reports the shape type, and can
  • Shape Solitaire 1.0

    Shape Solitaire is a new unique card puzzler. Play Shape Solitaire a new unique card puzzler. The goal is to fill all open tiles with cards by one
  • Eye Shape And Makeup 5.7

    Eye shape and appropriate makeup. Each eye shape is unique.Therefore when women apply eye makeup they should consider factors such as application
  • Face Shape 3.0

    Now you can easily get to know about shape of your face by using handy software utility Face Shape. It is very easy to use; you have to take a sheet
  • Fraction Shape-Up 1.00

    Helps students understand fractions. Fraction Shape-Up introduces fraction concepts and helps students develop skills necessary for understanding
  • Shape And Space

    An interactive mathematics software that helps children better understand the notion of shape in space. Contains definitions, pictures and small
  • Shape and Space 2 4.0.004

    Shape and Space 2 an interactive Maths application which can help children better understand the notion of shape in space. It contains definitions,
  • Grammar Shape-Up 10.0

    Provides a hands-on Review of the parts of speech. Topics covered are: nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions.
  • Pre-Algebra Shape-Up 10.0

    Helps students master specific pre-algebra skills. Concepts covered include fractions, decimals and percents, line and bar graphs, Pie Charts, and an
  • Reading Shape-Up -2 5.0

    Helps students master specific reading skills: main idea, vocabulary, sequence, FACT-opinion, factual recall, and inference. A tutorial introduces
  • Shade/Shape 3.1.1

    Give your imagery volume and depth without the hassle of 3D modeling! Shade/Shape generates 3D models from your 2D graphical and picture elements
  • Shape Calculator 1.0

    Shape Calculator is a tool designed to help find the Volume, Surface Area, Perimeter, or Area of an object. It can also do Metric or U.S.
  • Mystery Shape 4.13

    Brain Food! Mystery Shape is a fun puzzle for children, which also develops the ability to rotate and flip objects inside their head. The
  • SHAPE onPC 1.0

    SHAPE onPC allows to plan one or more environments in bidimensional sight ( in plant ) can insert the masonries either those delimitantis that those
  • Basic Algebra Shape-Up 1.2

    Basic Algebra Shape-Up helps students master specific basic algebra skills, while providing teachers with measurable results. Concepts covered
  • 3DVIA Shape Beta 1.0

    The handy software application 3DVIA Shape Beta makes the creation as well as publishing and sharing of ideas in 3D very easy and simple. It has user
  • Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape 5.7

    Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape. Many of us do not realize that only a particular kind of style will go well with our facial structure. The
  • Shape Shifter Deluxe 1.01

    Shape Shifter Deluxe Description Prepare for the puzzle game that will drive your brain cells crazy! The game principle is easy: match the unusual
  • Shape Collage For Linux 2.5

    Shape Collage is a free automatic photo Collage Maker that lets you create picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks. Shape
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  • Diamonds 2.5

    The Round, or Brilliant Cut diamond is, by far, the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings. It is cone-shaped to maximize light return through the top of the diamond. It is cut to have 58 facets”33 on the
  • KingConvert HTC Touch Diamond Video Converter

    The Suite includes DVD To HTC Touch diamond Converter Video Converter. The DVD To HTC Touch diamond Converter Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV,
  • diamond Toolbar

    diamond Community Toolbar ??? stay connected and get so much more. diamond is a free and easy to use toolbar. With diamond Community Toolbar you can check out all your favorite places on the internet.The diamond
  • Diamond Detective 1.0

    diamond Detective Online captures all the fun of the Download version right in your web browser! Offering a simplified version of the original hit download game, diamond Detective Online gives you hours of great gameplay
  • Videora HTC Touch Diamond Converter 6.0

    Videora HTC Touch diamond Converter can convert all types of video files (avi, divx, xvid, flv, x264, vob, mpeg, DVD's, YouTube, etc.) into the proper video formats (MPEG-4, H.264) that play on the HTC Touch diamond.
  • Diamond Club Casino 1.0

    The diamond Club Casino presents you with a diamond gaming experience that stays forever. With a $250 Welcome Bonus, diamond Club Casino offers you to enter its glittering world of online gaming with much glamour and
  • Best Online Diamond Club Casino 1.0

    The diamond Club Casino presents you with a diamond gaming experience that stays forever. With a $250 Welcome Bonus, diamond Club Casino offers you to enter its glittering world of online gaming with much glamour and
  • Diamond Club Casino 2006 Extra Edition 1.0

    diamond Club Casino 100 Games The diamond Club Casino presents you with a gaming experiencethat stays forever. With a 609 Welcome Bonus, diamond ClubCasino offers you the chance to enter its glittering world of
  • Diamond in the Rough 1.0

    diamond in the Rough is a bloody and violent shooting game where you have to take control of a turret and defend your precious diamond from waves of greedy and cunning stickman thieves. Use your mouse to aim and
  • ShapeViewer 1.2

    shape Viewer is a free tool, which you can use to view ESRI shape files.shape Viewer can open (.shp) files that contain the geometry information of the shape file.With shape Viewer you can also create new (.shx) file,
  • Diamond DB 3.1

    This application will manage the inventory and pricing models of your jewelry store. Some of the features include: - Managing database of complete inventory of store diamonds - Manage diamond certificates and related
  • Certified Loose Diamonds 1.0

    diamond Screensaver diamond screensaver by Budget Loose diamonds. Pictures of diamonds to use as your screensaver. Pictures for free use that you can download and start using toda. Pictures include shaped diamonds
  • Wallpaperio HTC Touch Diamond Maker 3.0

    This is an wallpaper maker that creates wallpapers from pictures and photos so you can personalize your HTC Touch diamond. The software can read many types of picture files (jpg, gif, png) and lets you into resize them
  • Diamond VIP Club 1.0

    diamond VIP Casino is the premiere host of online casino gaming.diamond VIP Casino brings you a huge selection of the most popular casino games:- video slots: Grave Grabbers, Glamor 9 Lines, Morpheus Dream - classic
  • Diamond Master 1.0

    You like puzzle Games ? check out our diamond Master diamond Master has three levels of difficulty. So you can play as beginner as well as an expert. You can switch between level mode and solve all mode. Add your family
  • Diamond Calculator 3.21

    diamonds Calculator software is a must for all Jewelry Professionals, Jewelers, Pawnbrokers, Refineries, Laymen, Investors and Consumers. diamonds Calculator takes over where the Rap Sheet leaves off. Computes both
  • SoftTime Diamond 1.7

    softTIME diamond tracks employees' absences, attendance, lateness. with the simple click of the mouse. Editable Company policies allow you to automate the distribution of time-based benefits. New employee waiting
  • AMP Font Viewer 3.85

    Now you can easily and quickly get to know about all the installed and uninstalled fonts by using feature rich software AMP Font Viewer. It has following major features: it has user friendly interface hat is very easy
  • SunRav Fonter 1.2

    SunRav Fonter is designed for viewing fonts, installed on your PC. You simply enter a phrase and the program shows this phrase in different fonts. Thus you can clearly see your phrase written in different fonts. You may
  • Fonts++ 1.0

    fonts++ was created to simplify fonts usage by allowing you to switch between two groups ("All TrueType fonts" & "My Favorite fonts"). You can determine which TrueType fonts are included (in addition to the core OS &
  • Diamond Carat Weight Calculator

    diamond Carat Weight Calculator is considered as a professional and useful calculator which will accurately estimate the carat weight of diamonds. Just choose the shape, then enter the stones dimensions in
  • Diamond Club Poker 1.0

    diamond Club Poker combines all the distinguished marks to bring you the perfect online gaming experience, and is sealed with a credited reputation. Regular download or flash versions and depositing in different
  • NexusFont 2 RC 1

    NexusFont 2 RC is tool to manage fonts in Windows operating system. Sometimes you need to collect some fonts of similar style. This tool will help you in this activity. You can manage files of font efficiently by using
  • MiniByte.Diamond -

    MiniByte.diamond is a new webserver that is Currently under development by Nutext Technologies. This version of MiniByte will be released under the LGPL (Lesser GPL) at no cost to you. There is currently no installer for
  • Engagement Rings Screensaver 1.00

    JamesAllen.com is a leading online retailer of online jewelry, in particular certified diamonds set into a wide range of settings. The company was founded in 1998 by James Allen Schultz and his wife with the purpose of
  • Neoconvert DVD To HTC Touch Diamond 2 4.0

    The Suite includes DVD to HTC Touch diamond 2 Video Converter. The HTC Touch diamond 2 Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV, ASF,FLV to HTC Touch
  • Rich Diamond 2.1

    You are Rich diamond, making your way through elaborate mazes of monsters and challenging puzzles to collect precious diamonds which always seem to lie just out of grasp. You will gain a sense of accomplishment as you
  • You Control: Fonts 1.3

    If you have hundreds (or even thousands) of fonts, it's hard to remember what each and every one of them looks like. After all, you don't use all of your fonts every single day. Wouldn't you rather see what your fonts
  • Diagrams 1.1

    Diagrams is a program to draw diagrams. FEATURES: sticky shape connectors (single and multiple segment) ; custom shape data; printing with preview; predefined shapes for: Flow, UML, digital and process diagrams;
  • FontMassive Light 2.0

    Manage and explore the fonts on your computers. Features: *Displaying fonts as a list. *Symbols table. *Distribution of font files into Folders. *Installing fonts into the system. *Deleting fonts from the